imagePets Are Loving Support, an Atlanta organization that helps the ill and elderly keep their pets, brings back its popular Rubbing Noses event on Sunday at Lambert Place.

And let’s be honest, where else can you donate $20 to charity and receive access to an open bar, munchies and a fashion show?

The pet-lovers that bring gay Atlanta the monthly PALS Bingo games and other fundraisers throughout the year dusts off an old favorite with Rubbing Noses. The evening of socializing that was the organization’s biggest annual fundraiser in the ‘90s and early 2000s will hopefully prove as lucrative to its beneficiaries this year.

To draw a crowd, Rubbing Noses features a fashion show with clothes from the gay-owned Boy Next Door on the male models, and from the Luxe Atlanta boutique on the female strutters. All the dog walkers on the catwalk will be walking furry friends boasting canine accessories.

Auction items at the event include airline tickets, trips to Boston, Chicago, New Orleans, and a week’s stay at a Condo in Provincetown.

PALS was founded to help people with AIDS care for their pets, but the client list has grown to include people with other chronic illnesses and elderly pet owners. Gay benefactors remain a key part of the budget plan, and the organization is an entrenched part of Atlanta’s gay culture.

Buy tickets to Rubbing Noses online in advance. Only a limited number will be sold at the door. The party starts at 2 p.m., and the furry fashion show starts at 3:45.

Photo by Richie Arpino.