We always love a man who knows how to use his toys. But DJ Roland Belmares’ return to Atlanta at both the Heretic and the Bodyshop in one night proves this guy has stamina, too.

Rest up. Saturday is going to be a long, long—long!—night for the Joining Hearts darling who is known for mixing up a party with a keen ear toward the venue and audience he’s catering to. And dance music lovers are the beneficiaries. Well, them and CHRIS Kids, which will receive some of the night’s proceeds.

Belmares certainly has the experience and the solid reputation to make it happen. From minor venues in Austin since 1996, he has gone on to play not just Atlanta parties to high acclaim with regularity. He has moved to the world stage at Winter Party, White Party (Miami and Palm Springs), Fireball, Gay Days at Disney, and the nationwide Babylon Tour, just to name a few.

The DJ will put two unique facets of his repertoire and personality on display Saturday to suit the two-sided nature of the double header. He cues up his first song at the Heretic at 10 p.m., and rolls through afterhours at the the Bodyshop until dawn.

Expect each set to showcase the right vibe for the time and place, he told David magazine.

“Luckily for me, I have played both spaces before so I already have a feel for the rooms and crowds at each venue,” Belmares tells David. “For my ‘mainstream’ club gigs, it’s all about the divas!  For my after-hours sets, I of course try to go for a more progressive sound. The energy is still high, but the beats are more sexy.”

Check out the teaser of setlists he leaked to David, which include Madonna, Mariah, Whitney and Lady Gaga at the Heretic, then the somewhat sexier grooves that remixes provide at Bodyshop.

How Belmares is going to pull out the stops and pull off the 10-and-a-half-hour double header is a mystery, but we don’t need to solve it to love it.