We’ve seen Chandler Bearden in a lot of costumes, but we’ve never seen him quite like this. His Rocky Horror Birthday Smashup on Friday proved not just fun for all, but that he makes, to quote the film, a sweet transvestite alien.

Bearden has been seen as one hot Mr. Atlanta Eagle 2010 and a sexy circus ringmaster among other alter egos. But on Friday, channeling Dr. Frank N Furter from the camp classic was the icing on the cake for the birthday boy (top photo), who daylights as a MISTER Center outreach specialist.

He welcomed all comers to Jungle in quite an array of accurate costumes and appropriate revelry inspired by the movie. The celebration included a screening of the movie and beats provided by DJ Diablo Rojo. Maybe it was the wig, corset and heels that inspired Bearden to “let them eat cake” too.

Photos by Randall Carpenter