VIEW PHOTOS | Robyn Afterparty @ Bottle Bar

imageFans all keyed up after the Robyn concert at the Buckhead Theatre on Nov. 8 kept the party going by moving up the road to Bottle Bar for the afterparty organized by local gay music monster Barry Brandon.

DJ Shane V drove the beats, and hipster nightfly fave Polly pocket worked the door for the men, women, boys and girls who just didn’t want their Robyn experience to end.

The Swedish siren’s concert apparently lulled the crowd into a trance, because carrying the fun into the wee hours on a school night takes a special kind of stamina.

imageThat must be why Robyn’s first single off the latest album is called “Indestructible.”

Judging from our photos, the formula seems to have worked, even on a Monday. Guests enjoyed each other, the bar, and noshes from the kitchen’s full menu.

Photos by Loren Hoffman