imageAh, the U.S. Open. The hotties in full force—Rafael Nadal (bottom photo), Andy Roddick, James Blake and Robby Ginepri.

But now our local hunk—Ginepri—has a sexy new partner, Travis Rettenmaier (top photo), a 25-year-old former UCLA player from California. No, no. Not partner like that. Partner as in double’s partner. The pair hits the court today at 11 a.m. as the U.S. Open continues.

Speaking of Rafa, he picked up a win yesterday against Bjorn Phau. The anticipated debut of his new image and clothes was put on hold, though. It seems superstitions run rampant among pro jocks.


“I am excited about evolving my on-court apparel with Nike to a polo and shorter-length short,” Mr. Nadal said in a statement Monday afternoon. “For the U.S. Open, however, we collectively decided I would continue wearing the apparel I’ve been competing in all year. It’s a decision we made based on the limited time I’ve had to practice in the new apparel between the Olympics and the U.S. Open.”

To review Nadal’s fashion picks, the Wall Street Journal offers a slide show.