Roaring ‘20s: 10 beloved LGBTQ faces we’ll miss in the next decade

For the end of 2019, our Roaring '20s series looks back at gone-but-not-forgotten icons of the last 20 years as we head into the next.

This time, 10 of the many people queer Atlanta lost from community, nightlife, activism and industry.

It was just as hard to narrow down this list as it was the bars and clubs of the 2000s gone by.

May the memories of the souls below and others from the LGBTQ-ATL continue to be a blessing. You can read our obituaries section for more.


Berl Boykin

Atlanta Pride Co-founder


Allen Thornell

Georgia Equality Director


Durand Robinson

Traxx and Black Gay Pride


Philip Rush

Activist, Rush Center Namesake


Cheryl Courtney-Evans

Trans Icon and Advocate


Diamond Lil

Drag Performer and Recording Artist


The Lady Shabazz

Drag Performer, Pride Cabaret Host


Tim Wilkerson

Community Photographer


Alan Penrod

Mr. Atlanta Eagle 2009, Atlanta Leather Pride Co-founder


Lateasha Shuntel

Trans Woman, Bartender and Drag Performer

Check out the 10 bars and clubs we'll miss in the Roaring 20s, and keep an eye out before the end of the year forour next installment on businesses and orgs that shut their doors. 

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