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Let’s be clear: Ria Pell does more than pancakes. To prove her point, the Atlanta chef and dyke of deliciousness on Tuesday took down a church lady chef from New Orleans, a cocky guy who chases ghosts and some dude who nearly chopped off his finger.

Pell’s debut on Food Network’s “Chopped” aired Tuesday night. While a big crowd enjoyed Pell’s watch party at Sauced (view photos), we enjoyed “For Sake’s Sake” on our small screen to capture her best moments (video above). From a hot cauliflower explosion to her funny quips – “popcorn of the pig world” among them – Pell kept us entertained as she pushed through to become “Chopped Champion.” (And win $10,000 to fund a trip to see family in Denmark.)

“That’s not a bad day’s work,” she tells “Chopped” host Ted Allen. Indeed.