imageSeveral people were arrested at the Eagle late Thursday during a raid by the Atlanta Police Department, according to the Atlanta Progressive News.

About 15 officers, including several wearing plain clothes, raided the bar about 11:30 p.m., arresting staff at the bar, male dancers and patrons, according to the report. Patrons were also apparently ordered to the ground and several people in the crowd were handcuffed.

One police officer stated, as he and others left the parking lot, “This is gonna keep happening if we keep getting complaints from the community.” The officer did not specify what complaints he was referring to.

This writer arrived minutes after the raid had begun. A line of cop cars blocked the parking lot so that no one in the parking lot could leave.

According to numerous patrons, many patrons were handcuffed and many, if not all, were searched for drugs and were asked to show identification.

According to one patron, APD handcuffed all Eagle staff members and dancers, patrons in a leather shop, and anyone who was wearing only underwear; Thursday is advertised as underwear night.

From about 11:30pm to 12am, patrons came out of the bar one at a time, apparently, after they had shown ID and gotten searched.

At about 11:50pm, police asked all people standing in the parking lot to leave the property and un-blocked their cars.

Calls to spokespeople for the Atlanta Police Department were not immediately returned Friday morning. Officials with the Atlanta Eagle could also not be reached Friday morning.

Major Khirus Williams, the commander of Zone 5 where the Eagle is located, was not available for comment Friday morning. A call from a reporter was referred to the department’s public affairs unit.