The divas of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" love their drama. They love their dinner brawls. And they love gay Atlanta. But mix all of that and this gay fave restaurant in Midtown comes out the loser.

The ladies who lunch visited Einstein's during Sunday's episode for a come-to-Jesus session as Kandi Burruss brought them together to heal the wounds between NeNe Leakes and Cynthia Bailey, and Phaedra Parks and Kenya Moore. Who came out the loser? Einstein's.

The restaurant took a beating over stale crackers, sluggish service and a water tap that runs dry. As the dinner party guests rip into some crackers – the only thing the restaurant puts on the table that isn't a cocktail – Leakes says what's on everyone else's faces: "They're stale, girl."

Then Parks doesn't mince words.

"I'm not sure if I'm in a bad communion or there is a serious problem at this restaurant," she says. Ouch.

It usually goes better when the divas come calling. Burruss has fired up a crowd at Blake's, Baton Bob's paraded through their meal at 10th & Piedmont without incident, doggie bling shined through at Pet Set and the cocktails were pouring during a Burkhart's sitdown.

UPDATE | Corey Thompson says in a commnt posted below that he's the waiter who served the cast and the entire incident was, well, challenging. Worse, those divas don't tip well.

I was the server in this episode the ladies were very polite it was the producers they would not allow me to bring anything out to the table until they stopped filming I sat back by the bar holding cocktails and water that had to be remade 6 times because I wasnt allowed to bring them, who comes to a restaurant and orders crackers? By the time the ladies tried to order food the restaurant was closed if you watch closely when they first arrived the place was packed and by time the "stale" crackers arrived we were closed. This was a horrible experience for me. Its embarrassing to see how they made me look when it was out of my hands. The bravo producers and staff were horrible and had no idea what they were doing, it was unorganized and very classless. We at Einstein's did what we could on such short notice. Next These Beautiful Ladies should let people ahead time instead of just popping up & Phadrea Thank You for the 4 dollar tip.