This week’s Q magazine marks the signs of changing queer times

As buried as our heads can be in equalizing the societal playing fields, often mired in grayer-than-November skies and cooler-than-comfortable climes, it’s nice sometimes to stop and smell the roses of progress.

Or in the case of this week's Q magazine, appreciate the signs of the changing times. This issue of Q magazine is here for it.

Queer influence in popular culture is popping up everywhere, and 10 Queer Things points out some of them. From a preponderance of rainbow unicorns to an increasing number of all-gender restrooms, signs of the changing times, both official and unofficial, are making dents in the veneers of the Old Guard.

One of those realms is fashion, where gender-neutral lines are making waves on big-name runways and lower-profile racks. Our Q Fashion spread finds the industry that lets you stand out in neutral tones is also embracing neutrals of gender. Flip through to check out looks that look great on everybody, in pics that pop with queer interpretations of the people wearing them.

Elsewhere in signs of the changing times, an HIV advocate collective opens The SPOT outreach center in Q Community. Q Events peeks in on the upcoming ATL is Burning Ball, and Q Shots offers photographic evidence of your Halloween costumes to prove it. 

Q News went to the recent Rally Against Hate, and the Queer Agenda calendar has the hookup for a whole week of events to hit next. As in every issue, we wrap with the advice of The Q advice column.

It’s a lot, but you can handle it. Read the full issue below.



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