Drag queens, kings, comics and more came together on Wednesday to raise cash for the creation of a film documenting queer performance art. How to do that? A cabaret, of course.

Tip by dollar tip, the variety show at Jungle brought in funds to support "Queer Moxie," a documentary from Heather Provoncha and Leo Hollen, Jr. The movie is well on its way, Provoncha told us earlier this week, but donations are needed to help get the filmmakers to the finish line.

"This is not a film about coming out, it's a film about showing out. By showing out and dreaming big, queer artists have entertained and inspired audiences once not able to see themselves onstage," she says.

The lineup on Wednesday included drag queens Lysis Dupree, Ellisorous Rex, Nicole Paige Brooks (top image) and Heather Daniels; drag kings Drue Lingue, Devin Liquor; gay comics Ian Aber and Julie Osborne; drag comic Brent Star; and burlesque performer Ursula Undress.