Queer jocks and fans lead Q magazine’s race into springtime

One of the first signs of spring in Atlanta every year is the torrent of activity from LGBTQ sports teams, leagues and fan groups. Lying dormant much of the winter or at least practicing in frigid solitude, they come out in a big way each March.

Q’s Spring Sports issue pays homage to the queer jocks racing into the new season. Coverage starts with 13 LGBTQ Atlanta sports groups, as well as three gay and lesbian Georgia Tech cheerleaders and their out, proud coach. The Q Cover Story puts one foot in front of the other with Front Runners, the local running and social club. 

Other acts of local queerness this week might not be as athletic, but they do require skill and finesse. Downtime is a contact sport in the Queer Agenda calendar, posing is an exhibition match in Q Shots photos, and LGBTQ life is an obstacle course in The Q advice column.

Even as you devour all that content, we’re creating more for next week’s print edition, posting fresh local Q News every day, and interacting with you on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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