Queer Georgians raise ‘pushing the envelope’ to an art form in Q

Welcome to this week’s edition of Q magazine, where queer Atlantans expanding societal norms alongside their own horizons is part and parcel to our vision. In our ongoing love letter to the LGBTQ-ATL, we go to edge again in a photo essay that contributor James L. Hicks calls “Dragged to the Edge.”

Part social commentary, part tongue-in-cheek, and all art, Georgia-based kings and queens buck drag tradition in Hicks’ stunning portraits. It’s right on par for Q, as we relish watching folks make lemonade from lemons, or in some of these cases, fabulous drag from literal trash.

Also on tap, it’s Madonna’s 60th birthday on Thursday. We look back at her best moments and lessons over the years. 

But it’s not all potential-met and lesson-learned this week. Columnist Kyle Rose has a run-in in Piedmont Park that shows we still have a way to go toward queer equality – especially outside our Midtown bubble. There are also three queer conundrums waiting for solutions in The Q advice column.

But where would we and our readers be without our standard-bearing features? Home alone, that’s where. True to form, we offer up Q Shots photo albums of past events and the Queer Agenda calendar of upcoming ones to keep your schedule popping.

We’d also be nowhere without you, dear reader, so we keep you going with fresh content every day on our Project Q Atlanta sister site, read the full edition of our latest issue below, and I welcome your feedback via [email protected]