Queer civic activist jumps into state House race in Atlanta

Kyle Lamont launched a bid for the House District 57 seat in Atlanta, pitting him against a gay former Atlanta City Councilmember and a former gubernatorial candidate.

The queer 33-year-old sommelier and civic activist wants to highlight areas of the district he said get shortchanged. 

“Southwest Atlanta needs to be represented and at the table when it comes to the issues that need to be addressed within District 57,” Lamont (photo) told Project Q Atlanta. 

House District 57 stretches from Southwest Atlanta through downtown and into Midtown.

Lamont joins a Democratic primary field that includes former Atlanta City Councilmember Alex Wan and former gubernatorial candidate Stacey Evans. They hope to fill the seat of state Rep. Pat Gardner, an LGBTQ ally who is leaving the legislature after 20 years. 

Lamont is involved in a number of neighborhood, county and city organizations. He’s president of the Oakland City Community Organization, and he's a board member with the Fulton County Development Authority and the Atlanta Land Trust. 

“Being in a community that has seen very little development and investment over the last decade or so, it’s very clear that something has to change,” he said. “Areas in North Fulton are heavily invested in and heavily developed.”

Lamont would fight anti-LGBTQ “religious freedom” bills as a member of the state legislature.

“We must continue to make sure that those bills do not see the light of day – particularly those bills that violate our civil liberties,” he said.

He also wants to tackle healthcare.  

“In Georgia and in the district, access to healthcare is most important,” he said. “We must figure out how to fully fund Medicaid and continue to advocate that women are in control of what happens to their bodies.”

It’s Lamont’s first run for public office. He's the 14th openly LGBTQ candidate for the state legislature in 2020, including five incumbents who are running for re-election.

Photo courtesy Kyle Lamont