Queer bodies stand up, show out and represent in Q mag

Being able to stand before the world and declare “this is me” is part and parcel of LGBTQ movement, and right on mission for Q magazine and Project Q Atlanta. That’s why we’re so excited to present this week’s print issue filled to the brim with compelling queer Atlanta creatives and personalities.

Sometimes you gotta go literal when presenting your true self — naked, empowered and proud to make a statement. That certainly goes for the men in the 9th annual Body & Soul art exhibit. In our Q Cover feature, gay Atlanta photographer and gallery owner Bob Burkhardt gives us a taste of his work alongside three other artists admiring the play of light on male nudes.

Director Keith Behrman puts his own sexual history out there in a different artform. Self-identified as label-free, the filmmaker wanted his same-sex experiences reflected on film. Q Movies meets him just in time for the March 22Atlanta opening opening of Giant Little Ones and his sexy, compelling narrative that’s anything but your typical gay coming-of-age tale.

Another queer doing his thing and building a cottage empire at the same time is native Atlantan Nick Battaglia. Catch him here and find out how his love of midcentury furniture and clothes became a thriving side hustle.

Meanwhile, Heather Maloney is caught being sporty while trans, and the gender binary system in athletics falls apart. She stands up and says enough is enough in Q Voices.

All of these folks stand as their own body of evidence on what it means to be out, proud and uniquely themselves in queer Atlanta. As in every issue, we also have your week’s best events, your diverse and wonderful smiles, your LGBTQ culture dive, and all the Q News you can handle from Project Q Atlanta.

Start flipping pages in the digital edition below, and shoot me an e-mail if you need us.



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