Queer Atlanta blooms in Q mag just in time for Stonewall Week

From the real history of Stonewall to the latest looks, from iconic lives well lived to hard truth telling, this issue of Q celebrates the full blossom of our best selves as a community and as individuals. As we each make our mark, we all can learn the lessons of love and loss from those who came before and those cutting new paths into our collective futures.

The imperfect, complicated queer legacy of Andre Leon Talley stands as a testament to what an LGBTQ life can achieve, as well as the struggles we might go through to forge a new path. As Atlanta prepares for a special preview screening and panel discussion of The Gospel According to Andre, we chat with Talley about his rich life.

Talley cleared brush as a sexually fluid black man in the public eye for early five decades. As such, he served as an example for gay black men creating their own stories, and Atlantan Eric Paulk adds his to this week’s Q Voices column.

Speaking of lives well lived, Stonewall Week is packed, not only with events in the Queer Agenda calendar, but with insights into the LGBTQ past to light our path forward. We lay down some lesser-known history you may not have heard about the riots. And if the truth sets us free, The Q advice column tells it like it is by helping three readers say what’s on their minds. 

Also showing out this week and all summer are floral prints in bold new ways. Flowery tanks, tees, jumpers and jackets are popping up everywhere, so our photo essay offers several ways to rock the season’s go-to looks and make them your own.

Stop and smell the awesomeness of the full issue below, and pick us up in print. Of course, stop back here on Project Q Atlanta for fresh content daily.