Edie Cheezburger mastered gluttony with help from a few chubby friends to continue her dominance atop the Dragnique competition at Jungle on Wednesday.

Tips and votes from fans helped Cheezburger win this week’s competition, which focused on the Seven Deadly Sins. With just six of the nine queens that started on March 7, Pride was left without a paring.

Cheezburger (top photo) didn’t miss a beat, pulling a handful of guys wearing only piggy masks and white briefs around the stage as she worked her number. The judges—and more importantly the audience—loved it. Cheezburger has now won each of the three weekly competitions so far.

Who sashayed away? Elea Atlanta, who joined Prima Alexandria, Angelique Simmonz and Christina Payne Crawford in being cut from the competition.

The competition on Wednesday featured judges Phoenix, Chandler Bearden of Positive Impact’s MISTER program, and Savannah Leigh. Rapture Divine Cox, who won Season 2 of Dragnique, delighted fans with her stage props, too (second photo).

On March 28, the remaining competitors take on celebrity impersonations.