"The Real Housewives of Atlanta" loves the gays as much as it mocks them and Sunday's Season 6 premiere offered up fun sass and some plus-sized gay baiting to prove the point. Sadly, NeNe Leakes put herself right in the middle of it.

We knew it was coming. The show hinted last month that when it delved into why Kordell Stewart kicked his wife, Porsha, to the curb that she would fan the flames of the gay rumors that have followed the former NFL quarterback for years. On Sunday, she squirted kerosene on the fire.

But it was NeNe Leakes who offered the surprise, dabbling with some homophobic stereotypes in describing Kordell as a queen who wasn't man enough to confront his wife. "He did a queen move," NeNe offers. It's no faggot-gate and NeNe's certainly got some gay cred. Yet questioning Kordell's manhood while you're calling him a queen suggests that real men aren't gay. Porsha's gone there before. NeNe should know better. Didn't she learn anything from Tony Conway and those gay twerking wedding crashers?

Or just ask Derek J when he's done perusing the Plus Size dresses.