Q mag powers up with queer potency and community resilience

Sometimes just supporting LGBTQ equality, not to mention living without it, can feel like heaving massive objects through space. Queer strength becomes part and parcel of our movement and dominates this issue of Q.

That’s not to say the members of Fantastic Beasts aren’t showing the physical side of feeling stronger every day. They are, and how, in this week’s cover story (outtake shots not seen in print at the link). Their story of this local powerlifting group appears alongside a stellar photo essay of its members by contributor James L. Hicks.

But what strikes more potently than any personal-best deadlift is the strong foundation group members find in each other. Their teamwide support for all skill levels, all bodies and all brands of queerness plays as an allegory for the power within LGBTQ communities as a whole.

Still, coming to terms with an LGBTQ identity will always be a personal endeavor on some level. Those who have a knack for expressing it help themselves and ultimately help frame issues for others. Local comedian — and regular Q Voices contributor — Ian Aber opens up here about his own struggles and how they empower his comedy — and first album Night Sugar, out this week.

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