Q special issue takes on passion, politics and queer sex

When we set out to do a sex survey of Q readers, the idea felt lighthearted and just-for-fun. The reality was more nuanced. Even before it hit stands, we learned a lot in a process that, like so many queer issues, is complicated in that good way that lets Atlanta's LGBTQ village expand ourselves and each other.

Sexual, romantic and gender minorities working together is optimal for intersectionality, less so for tracking individual carnal tastes. From the first question, our survey highlighted things we knew but saw wide-eyed in execution: If you identify along the queer spectrum as trans, for example, you might also identify sexually as bi, lesbian or gay, even straight.

It made our 2019 Q Sex Survey multiple-choice from the jump, and it rendered multi-faceted responses thereafter. That's just one example of marking our communal status "It's complicated." When all was said and done, and I had parsed the statistics as I’ve done with other LGBTQ surveys and studies for nearly three decades, I discovered some shortcomings in our methodology. 

So much so, I decided to make the 10 Queer Things feature on lesbian sex, including sex among transgender lesbians, using trusted sources. We're still proud of the great information in the Sex Survey results of both features, and indeed our inital goal to ahve a little fun was reached. As a result of the process, next year’s Q sex survey will be different and even better.

Sex intersects with gender again in this issue for Atlanta drag king Perka $exxx. The young local trans man started performing at Kennesaw State with the sole goal of playing it sexy. In this week’s Q&A, find out how, since then, his performances have developed to be as much about passion as they are about his personal humor and his commitment to transgender representation.

Perhaps among LGBTQs more than most, our sex acts can be intertwined with political acts. Bentley Hudgins takes to our Q Voices page to talk about queer existence as queer resistance. Likewise, the Q advice column takes on another heated sexual-political discussion, this time about Grindr guys who can't figure out why everyone keeps calling them racists.

All this talk about sex is making us thirsty, so we have a tour of the new Woofs in Q Bars, Q Shots event photos, The Queer Agenda calendar for this week, and a little palette cleanser of the latest Q News.

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