Q empowers queer performers, bikers, comics and more

Whether it’s blazing out from under a male gaze, blazing up a doobie, or blazing trails new and old, queer women are catching our attention in this week’s Q magazine.

The female form takes center stage in the Q Cover feature with the women of Metropolitan Studios in stunning portraits by contributing photographer James L. Hicks. Get to know their burlesque alter egos of Candybox Revue as they queer traditionally hetero archetypes.

Lesbians busting boundaries are also in Q Voices and Q People. The former traces the history of female riders as far back as motorcycles themselves. In the latter, comic Jenn Snyder breaks into straight male spaces with highly energetic and energetically high standup comedy. 

With all those women making waves, other queers in this issue of Q simply must follow suit. A supersized Queer Agenda calendar and Q Shots photo galleries boast boy parties (and events for the rest of the LGBTQ village as well). 10 Queer Things preps for the gayest Oscars in history (which is really saying something), and The Q advice column dishes a little queer truth on all comers.

Start flipping pages in the digital edition below, and hit us back here online every day for fresh news and content.



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