Q magazine profiles Georgia’s LGBTQ candidates and issues

Your individual value is intrinsic, unique and unmatchable. It’s your super power. But your value doesn’t become valuable until you engage it. Wonder queer powers, activate! 

This issue of Q is all about your queer power, both personal and political. Tuesday, May 22, brings our next best chance to activate an energy that’s been building since 2016.

With state Reps. Park Cannon and Sam Park on the cover, we interview six of the 12 openly LGBTQ Georgia candidates vying for votes. To drive it home as an important precursor to the crucial November midterms, Q also looks at the top LGBTQ issues facing voters in our remaining fights for equality. 

On a personal level, engaging your super power is in your life story, and first-time Q columnist Gabrielle Claiborne shares hers. From a mirror reflection of her true self eight years ago to relatable revelations, the activation of her individual value is guaranteed to inspire.

They say coming out is the single most effective queer social action, but being brave doesn’t stop there. It's in activating our power in every decision, every day. See who else is out and proud in this issue, in photos, events, reader letters and much more.

Read this issue of Q magazine below, pick us up around town, and visit us here on Project Q Atlanta for daily updates.