Q magazine lays out LGBTQ-ATL’s beach escape plan

With vacation season in full swing, queer Atlanta is ready to hit the beach. Now, whether that means in our imaginations from our desk at work, or in real life, this issue of Q visits some dream locales to fuel the fantasy.

From sandy shorelines within driving distance, to global queer hotspots, our rundown of great beaches near and far can cure the summertime blues. Join us by the water on the Atlantic coast, or with fellow LGBTQs in Israel, Africa, South America and Europe.

Speaking of getting away this summer, let’s leave queer body shaming behind us as well. Too many spend summers shaming themselves and others for not fitting a minority niche idea of “perfect.” Everybody has a "summer body," and we embrace beautiful queer bodies of every shape, size and color.

While we're celebrating ourselves and others, the Q advice column looks at when, why and to whom we disclose our queer truths as gay, bi, as trans or as HIV-positive, and Q Voices talks about how to respectfully bring a third into your love relationship. Meanwhile, the LGBTQ-ATL just keeps spinning forward in our Q Shots galleries and the Queer Agenda weekend calendar.  

All of that and more is ready for your perusal below, pick up your hard copy around town, and stop back here at Project Q Atlanta or fresh daily content.