Q magazine does holigays with queens, comics and queer politics

From classics and camp to comics and queers, this week’s Q does the holidays with best wishes to all the queers in Atlanta’s LGBTQ village.

We invited the cast of The Other Show to close the final week of an amazing year with one of Q contributor Jon Dean’s signature photo essays, and the campy Christmas collaboration is as fun and festive as we hoped.

As full-tilt Christmassy as that spread is, we know that for some readers, only an un-Christmas will do. That’s why this issue also lays out 10 un-Christmassy things to do on Christmas (and all week) in Atlanta if you can’t, don’t or won’t do that particular holiday. 

And the activities don’t stop there. Even if you’re otherwise occupied on the Big Day, there's the Queer Agenda calendar of events for the rest of the week.

Speaking of options, yours just improved, thanks in part to the largest contingent of queer lawmakers ever assembled in our state. Meet one of those five legislators, state Rep. Renitta Shannon, in our Q&A feature.

As change comes slowly at the Gold Dome, it's only slightly more progressive in the trenches of pop culture. Q Voices finds the remnants of the Kevin Hart scandal with local queer comedian and columnist Ian Aber, and he points to 20 queer comics of color who deserve to host the Oscars one day.

Of course, we also offer Q News, Q Shots photo galleries, and The Q advice column. Remember too to check back here on Project Q Atlanta for fresh daily content.

Read the full issue below, and feel free to let us know how we’re doing. 



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