Q magazine tells queer stories and LGBTQ Atlanta fairy tales

There’s a story as familiar as any fairy tale taking place across Atlanta right this minute. It’s one of childhood fantasy, of a self-identified “ma’am” being constantly mistaken as a “sir,” of a church group disowning its LGBTQ kin, and of a queer community coming together consistently and in all manner of ways. 

In other words, it’s just another weekly issue of Q packed with Atlantans making a difference.

Once upon a time, childhood imagination and Disney escapism helped LGBTQ kids heal themselves. Now a group of transgender and allied locals empower a new generation by giving Disney characters a queer twist. Photographer Vanessa Munsch taps trans models to pose as a Disney prince and princesses, and the results are spectacular. To supplement the images, each one talks about their journey to living “happily ever after.”

Speaking of gender assumptions, Sam Jay is sick of being called “sir,” but she’s not letting it stand in her way. The queer stand-up comedian and Saturday Night Live writer hits Atlanta this week to film a Netflix solo special, and she talks to Q about what it takes to succeed.

Of course, our regular features keep you flipping pages as well. Don't miss the queer conundrums in The Q advice column, LGBTQ lovers and haters in Q News, partiers in Q Shots, and places to do it all again this weekend in the Queer Agenda calendar.

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