Q mag finds queers building a future with respect for the past

Like Lazarus and his proverbial rock, LGBTQ culture and the queers in it must stay constantly vigilant to keep our footing and gain ground, but firmly rooted in what we've already learned. Working toward permanent equality and trashing bad systems of the past are paramount, but some aspects of our communal memory should not be left to the dustbin of history.

This week’s Q finds but a few queer Lazaruses (Lazari?) hard at work on the future while embracing the past.

Meet state legislative aide Jennifer Barnes in our Q&A profile, who is not only a trans woman and HIV activist, but also a member of legendary ballroom family, the House of Balenciaga. Her backstory sparks a 10 Queer Things primer on the far-reaching influences of black queer ball culture and its place in a LGBTQ history. 

Fashion serves as an allegory in this week’s Q Cover fashion spread. We go thrifting to incorporate the past into queer personal presentations and cultural messaging that enrich the present.

Also looking back while moving forward, Q Voices and The Q advice column ask tough questions. Why has pop culture focused mostly on gay white men? What about that road not taken in love? What if we can’t reconcile old bad deeds with new dreams? 

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