Q mag exposes masks LGBTQs wear and unfair roles we assign

Every human wears multiple hats and swaps multiple masks, often multiple times per day. It’s the struggle for authenticity while doing so that separates the sincere and aware from the disingenuous and two-faced.

It would be all too easy to accept our predetermined roles in society and fall into the trap of relegating others to theirs. The good news is, all the faces we wear can be versions of the real us, and there’s nothing more liberating and empowering than that.

Ian Aber cuts straight people the slack he never received in Q Voices this week. 10 Queer Things falls on folks still hiding behind closeted masks, facing fears both real and imagined. In Q Talks, legendary AIDS doctor Gabriel Torres talks about redemption from the shame masks of addiction and how his out queer life now shows you don't have to let your worst act be your last.

In an ironic twist, Atlanta artist Johnny Addison covers mouths to make his out-and-proud statement. His one-of-a-kind masks and harnesses made from reclaimed vintage jewels are in our cover story. Learn how his passion for downtime with a mannequin turned into a business, and see how the results empower local trans model Xt. Venus Valentine in our latest Q Photo Essay by contributing photographer James L. Hicks. 

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