Q mag does daddy issues, bi visibility and queer culture clashes

Whether you’re a gay elder juggling a young lover and a put-upon daughter, a bisexual trying to be seen by other queers, or a '90s kid just sharing the Buffy love, culture clashes take centerstage in this week’s Q magazine.

The interplay of queer generations, families and communities are fraught with challenges, and this issue faces down all of those and more. Take it from the Dad/Daddy leading the season-opening play Skintight in this week's cover story. His daughter is incensed by his live-in young boyfriend, whose 50-year age gap brings its own drama, er comedy, to the mix.

Not seeing eye-to-eye in a more serious way are bisexuals with the rest of the LGBTQ family. In honor of Bi Visibility Day on Sept. 23, Q Voices features an insightful guest column of ways to dull the double-edged bisexual sword, plus 10 Queer Things lays out a bisexual fact sheet to inspire better support from the rest of us.

The Queer Agenda calendar is packed with LGBTQ as usual, and one of our favorites is the Buffy Hour performance showcase. To celebrate, Q Events lays out just what makes Buffy the Vampire Slayer so enduring in queer culture.

Meanwhile, Brent Star still needs a kidney, the governor knocks on gay doors for Census help, and Fulton County wants to test every one of its 30,000 gay and bisexual men for syphilis before Pride. Catch up in Q News, with more every day here on theQatl.com.

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