Q mag covers epic battles, petty queens and good guys in between

Heroes and villains top this week’s Q, and you don’t even have to take sides to enjoy all of it.

Your front-row seat includes mythic men Achilles and Patroclus in the Q Cover Story. Put them in modern fatigues and show the sexual fire between them, and the Trojan War figures have a lot to say about modern times in warplay at Out Front Theatre.

In Q People, RuGirl Aiden Zhane talks about her start in Atlanta, but not about how she pissed off local drag queens and just about everyone else by belittling the scene then backing trans-exclusionary casting on Drag Race. Her comments fired up social media as we went to press and even before she made her RPDR debut last week.

Between those showier characters comes a local hero you may already know. In Q&A, Jeremy Jackson shows how a gay child from Georgia’s foster system became king of the Mango Drip t-shirt and merchandise line.

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Cover story images by Diane Haymes for Out Front Theatre. Read the latest issue online here:

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