Q’s Holiday Gift Guide and the best queer thing to give this year

As Thanksgiving gives way to a full-court press on the holidays, Q magazine makes a list and checks it twice — for queer gift ideas, yes, but for an even more important LGBTQ spirit.

Love it or loathe, it, giving is a priority for many people this time of year, but it’s also a privilege. Even if material resources aren’t plentiful, what everyone can afford is to give of ourselves. Generosity of spirit is the queer gift that keeps on giving.

Show interest in another person. Flatter an aspect of their personality or taste that you genuinely admire. What you get back comes ten-fold, and spoiler alert: This holds true all year long.

Yep. We receive by giving. Good karma also sets off a year-round effect for us and those around us, from our inner circles to our larger networks of queers depending on each other for support and for advancing the movement one change at a time.

Sometimes moving forward means looking back to those we lost, especially as we get winsome this time of year. Q Voices columnist Ian Aber writes that dead childhood idols signal his own advance into queer middle age. Here at Q, our end-of-year series leading into the 2020s continues with what we’ll miss from last two decades. This time, it’s 10 of the people who left a final, lasting local legacy.

In the Q advice column, giving of ourselves can mean holding back — on the urge to control everything and everyone. And since you’d have nothing to give with no playtime, give freely to yourself from this week’s Queer Agenda calendar of LGBTQ events and Q Shots photo galleries.

Now about that Q Gift Guide: It’s massive, y’all. Local retailers plus queer and queer-friendly brands offer dozens of gift options in Home, Fashion, Jewelry, Tech, Stocking Stuffers and even Sexy Adult stuff. To expand the options even more, our advertisers pepper you with their suggestions as well.

So from Project Q Atlanta and Q magazine, welcome to the holidays in LGBTQ Atlanta. May your generosity of spirit be the best thing you give — and get back — this year. 

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