Q hosts LGBTQ Atlanta comedy, tragedy, politics and art this week

If we were to design a snapshot of local LGBTQ life, it would look a lot like the patchwork of people to see, places to go and points to ponder in the print edition of Q.

Eric Paulk leads a charge into City Hall this week during AIDS Watch Georgia 2020. In Q Voices, he outlines Georgia's biggest hurdle to eliminating the disease. The truth is a real-life tragedy, even as other tragic shames play out at Atlanta Pride and the Rush Center in Q News.

Fear not. Relief and hope come from within our own communities. Artist Riley Mayhem creates paper portraits, takes the LGBTQ-ATL by storm, and talks empowerment in our Q&A interview. Speaking of storms, one-man whirlwind Matteo Lane brings his comedy tour to town and chats with us in a Q Cover Story before his three nights of laughs to cure what ails you.

To top it all off, The Q advice column takes on queern conundrums you may face in your own life. It’s enough to drive a queer to drink. Belly up to the events in the Queer Agenda calendar, then see who already got a snort full in this week’s Q Shots photos

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