Q mag rallies LGBTQ power plays with Atlanta on lockdown

From femme empowerment to inner queer strength and the rallying of an entire community, this week's Q has Atlanta's LGBTQ local lockdown on lock.

Keep your finger on the pulse with cover star, CBD beauty, voiceover artist and proud bi femme Brandé Elise. You'll also meet the Barking Leather guys using their sewing prowess as mask avengers, and find solace with local guru Bill Dickinson on navigating loss during the pandemic.

Speaking of the quarantine, we round up Atlanta's biggest LGBTQ coronavirus headlines from our daily dose of fresh news coverage and feature interviews from all corners of the community.

This week’s photo essay finds ladyboys using femininity as a power tool against toxic masculinity, and Q Advice helps locals in queer conundrums weigh their risks and analyze their options.

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