Q dives in and wets your whistle on queer Atlanta

Does Rainbow Unicorn Glitter Ally Month rock, or suck? Is it real, or an illusion? I say the answer is yes, and that’s it’s OK to embrace a bisected reality. Buy cheap corporate acknowledgements of mainstream assimilation or don’t, but we have to recognize that it’s still progress, even if flawed and imperfect, and even if there’s still a long way to go.

Here at Q magazine and Project Q Atlanta, every day is gay, and every month is Pride Month. We’re happy to embrace change as we continue our mission highlighting LGBTQ issues, advancements and setbacks, news and events, queer issues as well as queer Atlantans themselves making their way in a complicated world.

Through it all, we just keep swimming.

Which reminds me, Q contributor James L. Hicks is back with another jaw-dropping portrait series on a local LGBTQ staple. This time, members of Atlanta Rainbow Trout swimming and water polo teams strike a pose alongside interviews of their captains, who welcome all comers to jump headlong into their pool.

Meanwhile, columnist Bill Dickinson got inspired to embrace his life as a mélange instead of a mess. Atlanta Pride stirs up a diverse stew of its own, and the Queer Agenda calendar hits the highlights of a busy time to be LGBTQ in the ATL. We also visit the best of recent events in Q Shots photos, plus the most hotly anticipated books of summer. We wrap this week’s coverage with a whole different set of queer issues in The Q advice column.

As Dickinson says in his column, it’s a lot, but it all fits together. 

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