Q delivers your Atlanta Pride guide with Coming Out Day stories

Pride sucks and Pride rocks. It's the unity of diverse backgrounds and a festival with its soul sucked out for the pink dollar. It's good, bad and ugly. This special issue of Q is ready so you can be too.

Atlanta Pride rolls out its 48th park weekend and parade-march this weekend. In this issue, check out our interview with Pride headliner Bebe Rexha, a supersized Queer Agenda Pride calendar of events, a chorus of queer voices celebrating the season, and even our The Q advice column is geared to newbies and the unwoke at Pride time.

Since this edition officially comes out on Coming Out Day, what better way to celebrate Pride than with the coming out stories of 11 LGBTQ Atlantans? They get the Q treatment in stunning portraits by contributing photographer Jon Dean, and together they create a rich tapestry featuring just a glimpse of queer Atlanta’s inspiring diversity.

Ultimately, how you do Pride, personally and politically, is on you. The revelry with friends and strangers can be just as engaging as the issues that bring us together. Whether your take on the weekend festival is “thank you” or “fuck you,” let the overarching approach be respect for our multiplicity of thought. 

Pride is a perfect time to celebrate our diversity and interact with respect for our differences — including hose who think that Pride itself, as an event and as a concept, needs an overhaul.

Sure, companies use the holi-gay to push products, and party people use the excuse to up the ante, but it's up to each individual to discover the joy where it means the most to us. Party your ass off if that's how you roll. Attend rallies and visit politicians if that's you. Better yet, do both, and the true meaning of Pride won't be lost.

Like that great gay sage Madonna once sang, "Beauty's where you find it." Amen, sister.

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