Q covers Atlanta artists, AFAB NBs, addictions, and erotic affinities

This edition of Q hits queer Atlanta from multiple angles as LGBTQ locals steel ourselves for a bumpy ride.

The turbulence of an election year sets the backdrop to every issue of 2020, and Voices columnist Ian Aber puts out a clarion call for changing the queer future.

The future of equality gives way to individual futures at Galano Club, Atlanta’s LGBTQ gathering place for 12-step recovery. To supplement that coverage, we share the definitive book on gay men recovering their sex lives after meth.

In features, find local burlesque dancer Flux Inqueerior who includes their multi-facted AFAB NB POC queerness in their performances, a beginner’s guide to kink, and your weekly must-reads in Q Advice columnQ News, Q Shots and the Queer Agenda.

Next week, March arrives with the promises of spring. We’re all over it, so enjoy this issue while we get it ready, as well as fresh online content every day right here on Project Q. You can also get to our weekly roundup directly in your inbox, and reach out to me any time at [email protected].

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