Q Atlanta enters a new decade and celebrates end of a queer year

Entering a new decade always brigs with it more anticipation than other end-of-year celebrations. It's more like the end of an era than the end of a year. The opportunity and potential of the New Year seem somehow ten-fold if that year ends in zero.

This issue of Q magazine is here as always for the celebration of queer Atlanta, and if the excitement is tenfold, then bring it. At the cusp of 2020, of course our cover story is about the New Year’s Eve parties you can get yourself into. That’s on top of the regular Queer Agenda calendar of the best things to do in Atlanta in the coming days.

We help put a cap on the era by topping off our Roaring ‘20s series in 10 Queer Things. Previously, we listed the LGBTQ people, organizations and venues we’ll miss in the next decade, and we wrap it with queer things gone but that we most decidedly will not miss.

Looking back in an official way, we unveil the best kept secret that you need to hear: the Out in the Archives exhibit at GSU. Take a virtual tour, then get over there to see it in the New Year. Moving forward, we also meet musical youth mentor Jen Hodges, a local community member making a difference.

And Q being Q and you being you, there's always more. This issue takes on another queer relationship conundrum in the advice column and another slate of LGBTQ event photos in Q Shots.

Soak it all in as the clock and the calendar tick ever-forward, and we’ll see you in the next issue. Until then, catch up with fresh content daily here, and write me any time at [email protected].

And, hey. Happy New Year. 

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