imageBert Weiss, the Q100 jock and host of the popular morning drive-time “Bert Show,” isn’t shy about showing off his sculpted torso. After all, it looks pretty good.

So maybe when he bet Melissa Carter, a lesbian crew member, at the start of the college football season, he knew picking UGA to win the national championship was a losing proposition. Really, the Bulldogs as No. 1? He lost the bet and had to go topless on the show’s web site this week. Richie Arpino, the gay stylist and photographer, took the photos.

imageA reluctant Atlanta Journal-Constitution picked up the story after WXIA made it a big deal. Not that there’s anything wrong with posing shirtless and posting the pics on a web site. Gay men do it every night on Craigslist.

And if you’re going to do it, having Arpino do the shoot is a pretty good choice. I mean, he creates calendars full of bare-chested hotties and all.

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