Pub crawl highlights black LGBTQ-owned bars, lounges

Black LGBTQ activists put the focus on four black LGBTQ-owned restaurants and bars on Saturday with a scrumptious and cocktail-infused bar crawl.

Issa Revolution: First Ever Black LGBT+ Bar & Lounge Crawl included stops at Twisted Soul Cookhouse & Pours, Daiquiri Factory, Soul Bar and b.142 Bar & Lounge. The day-long event was an effort to highlight businesses that welcome black LGBTQ patrons in the wake of the Burkhart's controversy over racist social media posts.

"We want to reinforce the profound importance of recycling dollars within our community as a display of support to black and brown entrepreneurs, and to motivate other black and brown sisters and brothers to stop patronizing places that do not want or welcome their business simply because of the color of their skin," organizer Gee Smalls told Project Q Atlanta ahead of the event.

On Saturday, the first stop on the crawl – Twisted Soul Cookhouse – was joined by LGBTQ state Reps. Park Cannon and Renitta Shannon, and Atlanta City Council member Amir Farokhi

Photos by Russ Youngblood