A Clayton County prosecutor now says she’s ready to move forward with a potty sex case arising from an arrest at the Atlanta airport. No matter that the case sat stagnant since Ed Wall’s arrest in March 2007 until media reports this week that Wall was hired by Clayton County for financial advice.

After a year and a half of no action, the Clayton County solicitor general says she is now ready to prosecute two men charged with having sex in an airport restroom.

The decision was made on the same day The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported the lag in the case of Edmund J. Wall, the former chairman of the MARTA board of directors.

“We had finished our investigation. I made the summary to the solicitor general this morning and she decided to go forward,” Clayton County Chief Solicitor Pat Jackson said Thursday.

Wall and his alleged partner in the stall, Michael Pettry, pleaded not guilty the day after their arrest.

“Will I get a chance to clear my name? The folks who love me, friends and family, they know Ed Wall and my character,” Wall said Wednesday. “I had hoped after the media frenzy almost two years ago that I was done with all that. Here it is back again.”

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