Enough already. Bitter divorcee Porsha Stewart flirted with gay stereotypes to open the new season of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta." Now, she's resorted to calling her ex a queen.

You can thank NeNe Leakes, who ought to know better. Go-go boy-loving Leakes opened the door in the Nov. 3 premiere by saying Porsha's husband Kordell pulled "a queen move" that a real man wouldn't do. Um, yeah. Let's offer up that oldie but a goodie that gay men somehow aren't real men. Bullshit.

On Sunday's Episode 3, Porsha took that and raised it right into gay slur territory. We've got ourselves a full on, faggot-gate redux from last season. She calls him a dramatic queen in the clip above and accuses him of going "woman to woman" with her. Kordell's response? Not much better.

It's all as disgusting as the next clip is funny when Porsha and Kandi Burruss accuse Kordell of keeping the balls from Porsha's sex toy. Now that's gay funny. Porsha should know the difference.