New polls in both Florida and California show that support for constitutional amendments barring same-sex marriage is gaining strength.

In Florida, a Mason-Dixon poll found that 55 percent of likely voters supported the gay-marriage amendment, while 34 percent were against it. Eleven percent were undecided.

The poll indicates that support comes close to the 60 percent threshold needed to pass, indicating it will be those voters who currently are undecided who will tip the balance.

In California, a Survey USA poll taken for four TV stations across the state, showed that there has been a shift to support for a similar amendment. The survey found that 47 percent of likely voters would support the measure, known as Prop. 8, with 42 percent opposing it.

The poll is the first in California — one of two states which allow same-sex marriage — to show there is enough support to pass the amendment.

The survey, however, used what is regarded as a small sampling and was taken shortly after supporters of the proposed amendment launched a major ad campaign in the state.

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