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Stonewall Dems toast their endorsed candidates

Tis the season for political endorsements, and Atlanta Stonewall Democrats celebrated theirs on Wednesday with candidates aplenty during an event in Midtown.    READ MORE »

Mayoral sniping catches gay leader in crosshairs

With the Atlanta mayoral race coming to a close, the sniping between candidates is on the rise. Caught in the crossfire is a gay assistant, Glen Paul Freedman, a longtime LGBT leader and activist.    READ MORE »

Kyle Keyser goes edgy in campaign commercial

With the edge you'd expect from Kyle Keyser, the anti-crime crusader and gay candidate for mayor released two videos touting him as the leader with one special interest–"the community."    READ MORE »

Georgia Equality backs five more for Nov. 3

In the race for public office, every little bit helps. So a plug from statewide gay rights group Georgia Equality can provide a nice boost in the home stretch of the campaign season.    READ MORE »

Adam Brackman scores a little progressive love

Adam Brackman has run the table with gay endorsements for his Atlanta City Council campaign. The gay candidate's getting a little love from the non-gay progressives, too.    READ MORE »

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Ever-inclusive Emory gives Kyle Keyser an invite

Kyle Keyser's quixotic mayoral campaign gets a boost Wednesday when he takes part in a mayoral debate—the first he's been allowed to join since announcing his candidacy.    READ MORE »

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Wan leads cash race for Atlanta’s District 6 post

Alex Wan outpaced his five opponents for the second consecutive quarter for the District 6 post on the Atlanta City Council, leaving him with a distinct cash advantage in the closing weeks of the campaign.    READ MORE »

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Alex Wan raises $32,000 in District 6 council race

Alex Wan, who led the field in fundraising for the District 6 post on the Atlanta City Council earlier this year, continued his aggressive efforts at raising cash, though contributions have slowed.    READ MORE »

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Number of gay candidates on Nov. 3 ballot hits 14

The list of openly gay candidates seeking office in metro Atlanta on the Nov. 3 ballot is up to 14 with the inclusion of a longtime Delta employee and a community activist and perennial candidate.    READ MORE »

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Georgia Equality sits out District 6 council race

Georgia Equality has endorsed 11 candidates in the current election cycle, including one for mayor and seven others for the Atlanta City Council. But it's sitting out the competitive District 6 race.    READ MORE »

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Two gay groups back Amir Farokhi’s council bid

If you wondered whether endorsements from Atlanta-based gay rights groups are coveted by candidates, take the case of Amir Farokhi's bid for the Atlanta City Council At-Large Post 2 seat.    READ MORE »

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Anne Fauver finally speaks out—about old taxis

Anne Fauver, who has yet to speak out publicly about the Sept. 10 police raid at the Eagle, did find an issue important enough for her to discuss with the public: Taxi cabs trolling Atlanta's streets.    READ MORE »

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Gay Dems back Reed, four gay candidates

A group of gay Democrats backed Kasim Reed's mayoral bid Friday, endorsing the former state senator along with four openly gay candidates in race across metro Atlanta.    READ MORE »

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Food, politics on menu in Atlanta’s District 6 race

The event was classic retail politics in a race that is anything but typical. So it goes on the campaign trail for the District 6 post on the Atlanta City Council.    READ MORE »

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Stadtlander part of Thursday school board debate

The races for mayor and the District 6 post on the Atlanta City Council may be grabbing most of the political bandwidth, but there is an interesting school board race brewing.    READ MORE »

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Gallegos seeks to end flap over lawsuit threat

Miguel Gallegos, sensing his campaign for the Atlanta City Council might be stepping off a cliff, took pains Tuesday to wrap a tourniquet around a wound festering since last week.    READ MORE »

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Kyle Keyser’s bungalow campaign fundraiser

Kyle Keyser, true to the grassroots activism that fueled his fight against crime and now his mayoral campaign, was at his house Saturday greeting guests, collecting donations and sticking on wristbands.    READ MORE »

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District 6: Ethics complaint, lawsuit threat, oh my

The District 6 race for the Atlanta City Council—already a hodgepodge of six candidates gay and straight—is heating up. There's an ethics complaint, campaign sniping and threats of a lawsuit.    READ MORE »

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Simone Bell makes state House race official

Lesbian and longtime community activist Simone Bell officially launched her campaign for the state House earlier this week in the heart of the district she hopes to soon represent.    READ MORE »

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Blow by blow: 48 hours to Keyser’s mayoral bid

How exactly did Kyle Keyser, the only gay man in the mayoral race, get the money to go from grassroots crime-fighting activist to full-fledged candidate in just two days?    READ MORE »