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Wan makes closing pitch to LGBT supporters

Alex Wan made his closing argument to about three-dozen LGBT voters and supporters on Sunday, two days before his Atlanta City Council runoff with Liz Coyle.    READ MORE »

The gay case for Mary Norwood as ATL mayor

"Just like Mary has always been there for me, she’s always been there for all of us–working for our dignity, our families, our neighborhoods and our equality. I know as mayor, she’ll continue this fight."    READ MORE »

The gay case for Kasim Reed as next ATL mayor

"Reed's failure to support full marriage equality is disappointing... but far more disappointing ... have been the efforts by many within our community to portray Reed as an obstacle to gay equality."    READ MORE »

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Candidates tweeting their way to Election Day

Surely by now, you know there's an election to be had on Tuesday. There are a handful of races on the ballot for the runoff and in most every case, the gays seem to be front and center.    READ MORE »

Trio of lawmakers backs Simone Bell’s campaign

Some of the same female state lawmakers Simone Bell hopes to work with under the Gold Dome came out this week backing her campaign in the Dec. 1 runoff.    READ MORE »

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Did Anne Fauver just endorse Mary Norwood?

Anne Fauver represents the district Mary Norwood might just need to put her in the mayor's office. And it appears the lesbian city council member is letting it be known who she supports in the Dec. 1 runoff.    READ MORE »

Adam Brackman backs three in Dec. 1 runoffs

Adam Brackman's life has settled down since the gay candidate lost Nov. 3–he even had time for a quick run to Kroger Thursday for last-minute Thanksgiving fixins. But he's not staying out of politics.    READ MORE »

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Alex Wan’s cornucopia of campaign affirmation

If you're Alex Wan, you've got much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. He hits the final days of the campaign with more endorsements to feed the mojo needed to get supporters to the polls on Tuesday.    READ MORE »

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Reed, Norwood exchange barbs over gay issues

Kasim Reed will head to the heart of the gayborhood Wednesday to respond to charges from LGBT supporters of Mary Norwood that his lack of support for marriage equality is an insult to gay families.    READ MORE »

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Reed, Norwood in heated fight for LGBT votes

The battle between Mary Norwood and Kasim Reed for LGBT votes has hit a fever pitch. A week that included back-to-back gay fundraisers ended with back-and-forth verbal sparring in a debate.    READ MORE »

Gay ATL candidates get Victory Fund shout-out

With little more than a week until Election Day II in Georgia–yes, Mary, you have to vote again Dec. 1–gay candidates are looking for any edge they can use to get their LGBT supporters to the polls.    READ MORE »

Kasim Reed holds LGBT rally at Midtown eatery

Mayoral candidate Kasim Reed, locked in a battle for LGBT votes with Mary Norwood as they sprint to a Dec. 1 runoff, met with gay supporters during an event in Midtown Friday.    READ MORE »

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Mary Norwood fundraiser packs Midtown gay bar

More than 400 people packed a rally and fundraiser for mayoral candidate Mary Norwood in Midtown Wednesday, a sign that her courting of gay and lesbian votes is working.    READ MORE »

Georgia Equality works to rally vote over 2 days

If you haven't heard, there's another election and this one takes place in 12 days. So Georgia Equality is working to rally gay voters to the polls and build support for two LGBT candidates on the ballot.    READ MORE »

LGBT activist Glen Paul Freedman backs Reed

With the potential for the votes of Atlanta's LGBT population to play a pivotal role in the mayor's race, there's this interesting twist: Longtime LGBT activist Glen Paul Freedman is backing Kasim Reed.    READ MORE »

Wan gets bipartisan backing from gay groups

We won't tell if you won't. But gay Democrats joined with gay Republicans–we don't know who crossed party lines first–to back Alex Wan's bid for the District 6 seat on the Atlanta City Council.    READ MORE »

Phillip Rush honored with new LGBT center

If Phillip Rush was watching, chances are he had a big smile across his face. The LGBT activist who died in April was honored Saturday during an event packed with gay leaders and political candidates.    READ MORE »

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Atlanta Prop 8 rally: ‘Still Here,’ still queer

It’s been a year since California voters approved a ban on gay marriage. The clarion call reached Atlanta, and Saturday’s local rally, “Prop 8: One Year Later," is set to remind us how far we’ve come.    READ MORE »

Gay activist sparks flap in mayor’s race

An Atlanta LGBT activist and campaign veteran is swatting down what he says are suggestion that mayoral candidate Mary Norwood bought his support or promised him a job in her administration.    READ MORE »

Georgia Equality takes a pass on mayor’s race

UPDATED | 4:08 p.m. With Georgia Equality's candidate in the mayoral race–Lisa Borders–now out, the statewide gay rights group says they've got no dog left in this fight as the runoff nears.    READ MORE »