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Chambliss: Gays in military ‘unacceptable risk’

Just how much of a homophobic bigot is Saxby Chambliss, the senior senator from Georgia? Take a look at his comments Tuesday during a hearing on the military's ban on openly gay soldiers.    READ MORE »

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Vernon Jones is back; his gay record still stinks

Vernon Jones and his lackluster record on LGBT issues is back, and the mercurial former DeKalb County CEO wants to unseat one of Georgia's most gay-friendly members of Congress.    READ MORE »

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Gay man becomes East Point mayor pro tem

A gay man on the East Point City Council is now the city's second highest-ranking elected official, thanks to a vote Monday by the eight-person council.    READ MORE »

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Georgia Equality raising cash for lobby efforts

Georgia Equality is in a full-court press to raise $10,000 by Jan. 15 to help fund its lobbying efforts at the Gold Dome, which sees the return of state lawmakers on Monday.    READ MORE »

Simone Bell hosts re-election fundraiser Tuesday

Simone Bell, fresh from taking office as the state's newest lawmaker, now faces the reality of politics: raising money and re-election even though she hasn't yet cast her first vote in the Gold Dome.    READ MORE »

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LGBT rarely mentioned at mayoral inauguration

After a campaign season in which gay issues often grabbed headlines, there was little talk of LGBT issues during the inauguration Monday of Mayor Kasim Reed and Atlanta’s other elected officials.    READ MORE »

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Now, you can call him City Councilman Alex Wan

Alex Wan made history Monday, becoming the first openly gay man on the Atlanta City Council, though the moment was eclipsed by the pomp and circumstance of a new mayor taking office.    READ MORE »

Kasim Reed, Alex Wan to take office Monday

The election is over–finally–and at high noon today, gay-friendly Mayor-elect Kasim Reed takes office along with the Atlanta City Council's newest gay member, Alex Wan.    READ MORE »

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At least one Atlantan is on Obama’s Team Gay

Nearly a year into President Obama's first term, his actions on LGBT issues hardly matches his rhetoric. But when it comes to hiring the gays, he's making progress and Atlanta has ties to at least one.    READ MORE »

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Simone Bell becomes newest state rep [video]

Simone Bell’s historic campaign for the state House came full circle Tuesday when Georgia Supreme Court Chief Justice Carol Hunstein issued her the oath of office. Watch the video.    READ MORE »

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Simone Bell takes office, cements historic role

Simone Bell's historic campaign for the state House came full circle Tuesday when Ga. Supreme Court Chief Justice Carol Hunstein issued the oath of office, formally making Bell a state legislator.    READ MORE »

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Rise up for free Atlanta-branded condoms

With Mayor-elect Kasim Reed busily preparing his takeover of City Hall, we've got a suggestion for him to get people excited again about Atlanta: Official (and free) condoms branded with the city's name.    READ MORE »

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Gay support helped fuel Ceasar Mitchell’s win

Lost in the news of the mayor's race and two gay candidates making history on Tuesday was this: LGBT voters helped propel another gay-friendly candidate into the post of City Council president.    READ MORE »

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Kasim Reed gets thumped in gay-heavy District 6

Think the city's new mayor-elect doesn't have work to do with the mostly gay white chunk of the LGBT electorate in District 6? Kasim Reed got thumped there, even while managing to win the race.    READ MORE »

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Bell, Wan wink at history in scoring LGBT wins

For Alex Wan, it’s back to work at a non-profit. Simone Bell hopes to relax while watching “Elizabeth.” That’s how Tuesday's two gay candidates will spend the day after their historic victories.    READ MORE »

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Simone Bell, Alex Wan celebrate victory [photos]

Simone Bell and Alex Wan spent their evenings huddled with supporters at election watch events in Candler Park and Midtown. As results trickled in, the buzz turned to excitement and eventually celebration.    READ MORE »

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Live blogging Election Night in Atlanta

It's all over but the counting. And waiting. And watching. We're live blogging runoff election night with a gay twist. Join us for news, photos, your comments and more as we watch and react with you.    READ MORE »

Follow Project Q for election night coverage

Cheer, jeer or be indifferent. But once the clock strikes 8 on Election Day, it's all over but the reporting. That's where we come in. Follow us tonight for election coverage with a queer twist.    READ MORE »

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Norwood v. Reed in gay stump speeches [video]

Everything's done but the voting. So before you do that, take a look at the gay stump speeches of Mary Norwood and Kasim Reed, who have been crisscrossing Midtown to make their mayoral pitch.    READ MORE »

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Gay activist backs two in East Point runoffs

Don't feel too bad if you didn't realize there are two races in East Point among the runoff elections Tuesday. The Atlanta mayor's race, after all, has sucked nearly all the oxygen out of the political atmosphere.    READ MORE »