Richard Ramey knows his indignities. The florist and co-owner of the Eagle has been raided by rogue cops, had his bail money withheld, been burgled by clueless thieves and now faces a rash of women peeing on his floor and passing out in his bathroom.

Ramey also owns the East Point Flower Cottage and, thanks to closed restrooms in the nearby MARTA station, gets confronted with passengers who have to pee. Like really bad.

"She was saying she needed a restroom right now and she didn't make it. I mean it was right in my showroom floor. It was very humiliating for her. I felt really bad for her," Ramey tells WSB. "I don't really have a public restroom and so trying to accommodate them is sort of a burden on my business."

But Ramey says he has allowed other MARTA passengers to use his small restroom, which caused other problems. Like a woman who overdosed while inside and had to be removed by paramedics.

Ramey is all for fetish play. But keep it at the Eagle.

[video via WSB]