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Titans warm up with bowling, beer, boys [photos]

There’s a couple of things the Atlanta Titans do well off the field: Wash cars with strippers, drink beer and bowl. The gay Hotlanta Softball League team did a couple of those on Sunday.    READ MORE »

Miss Gay Georgia crowns three queens [photos]

Pageantry took center stage as drag queens competed for a triple crowning and a berth to national competitions during Miss Gay Georgia USofA on Thursday.    READ MORE »

Gay football jocks toast St. Patty’s Day [photos]

The green was as ever-present as the bottomless margaritas on Saturday. For a bunch of partying gay jocks, isn’t that about right for an afternoon doing duty as St. Patty’s Day and a blast of Spring?    READ MORE »

Bitch serenades MSR’s St. Pat’s bash [photos]

The artist known as Bitch fiddled while My Sister’s Room burned at fever pitch Saturday. The St. Patrick’s Day party featured the musician and all the gay green of the holiday.    READ MORE »

A superhero birthday bash made for BJs [photos]

If you own a popular gay bar with go-go boys, how do you celebrate your birthday? Costumes and masks–of course!–and they filled BJ Rooster on Thursday for Bobby’s Superhero Birthday Bash.    READ MORE »

Past, present and 1 is Dragnique history [photos]

After a double elimination last week, the remaining Dragnique contestants took on the Past Meets Present challenge and saw the emergence of a frontrunner as another got the ax.    READ MORE »

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Brad Goreski brings his gay world to ATL [video]

Gay fashionisto and Bravo reality star Brad Goreski delighted a nattily-dressed group of about 100 fans during a stop on Friday to pitch his new book. Check out our video and photos.    READ MORE »

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Gay jocks get ready for some football [photos]

The gay jocks of the National Flag Football League of Atlanta put down their beers and pulled on their cleats Saturday for the first round of its pre-season games.    READ MORE »

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Amsterdam sows seeds for volleyball [photos]

The 20th Hotlanta Classic volleyball tournament was more than serves and spikes. After a Saturday of sweat and net, a party for the visiting teams took over Amsterdam.    READ MORE »

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Hotlanta Classic spikes 20th anniversary [photos]

With names including DC Penetration, Pittlanta Wet Dreams and Baltimore Creaky Beavers, you know it had to be the gay Hotlanta Classic hitting the courts of Georgia Tech over the weekend.    READ MORE »

Joe Gauthreaux beats Heretic into fever [photos]

DJ Joe Gauthreaux’s highly anticipated return drew more than Atlanta’s dancing queens to Heretic on Saturday. His presence also created a class reunion for gay circuit DJs.    READ MORE »

Sunday Services plays Kyle Keyser out [photos]

Red, yellow, black, white, gay, lesbian and straight. They were precious in the sight of Sister Louisa’s as the bar hosted the return of one gay fave and the departure of another.    READ MORE »

Two queens axed as Dragnique 3 opens [photos]

Nine queens opened the third season of Dragnique on Wednesday, but two were gone before the two-hour premiere of the drag elimination competition ended.    READ MORE »

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Burkhart’s is always putting on a show [photos]

Every night, there’s free entertainment at Burkhart’s, even before the nightly shows. Here are some of the mugs who gathered early and stayed late on Saturday.    READ MORE »

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Gays counter Rick Bus stop in Atlanta [photos]

Two buses and one brief yet poignant reminder of the fight for LGBT equality. That was the scene on a sunny Monday afternoon at the State Capitol in downtown Atlanta.    READ MORE »

Jungle’s Studio 54 party gets down on it [photos]

DJ Ed Bailey delivered one of Jungle's signature events on Saturday. Studio 54 brought beckoned the crowds to shake their groove things like they were back in disco's heyday.    READ MORE »

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Atlanta Bucks hit pitch for new season [photos]

The Atlanta Bucks warmed up for their season with a beer bust. But on Saturday, the gay rugby squad got down and dirty and down to business with their first match.    READ MORE »

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Flag football jocks prep for new season [photos]

The Super Bowl is over so that must mean … more football? The gay jocks of the National Flag Football League of Atlanta prepped for the upcoming season with a skills session last weekend.    READ MORE »

Wild Cherry Sucret does the Armorettes [photos]

There’s few things that will bring Wild Cherry Sucret out of retirement and once again onto the stage with the Armorettes: A big anniversary, a big benefit or a big tribute to one of her fave dead divas.    READ MORE »

Bedlam dreams up fairy queens for MSR [photos]

Never at a loss for original party themes and names, the monthly Bedlam partiers threw down Fairy Dreams, Scheming Queens & Magic Beans on Friday at My Sister’s Room.    READ MORE »