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Pride party just like lesbian Heaven [photos]

It wouldn’t be Pride Weekend without the Heaven Party. The locally organized annual event took over the Park Tavern with acrobats, fire-breathers and tons of women out for a good time.    READ MORE »

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Andy Bell puts Atlanta Pride to a beat [photos]

The unmistakable voice of Erasure’s Andy Bell flooded Piedmont Park on Saturday. The gay singer of ‘80s pop fame thrilled longtime fans while making new ones in a high-energy set.    READ MORE »

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DJ Tony Moran packs Jungle for Pride [photos]

It seems like only yesterday that DJ Tony Moran was rocking gay Atlanta for Joining Hearts Weekend. The legend returned on Pride Saturday to thump for the wall-to-wall throngs at Jungle.    READ MORE »

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Pride’s Dyke March empowers women [photos]

Femmes, bois, moms, kids, male supporters and of course, dykes gathered in Piedmont Park during Atlanta Pride on Saturday to show solidarity and build visibility at the annual Dyke March.    READ MORE »

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Kat Graham rocks Pride’s drag cabaret [photos]

Singer, dancer and part-time witch Kat Graham injected a high-octane dose of pop into the Starlight Cabaret on Sunday, bringing Atlanta Pride to a raucous close. There was some drag, too.    READ MORE »

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How to stage a parade, Pride style [photos]

Unfurling rainbow flags, drag queens completing their makeup, go-go boys putting their cock rings in place, dykes revving their bikes. Before there’s an Atlanta Pride parade, there’s staging. Lots of it.    READ MORE »

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Aquarium party kicks off Atlanta Pride [photos]

Not a Hollywood lesbian, a controversy, a protest or the dark of night could keep the gays from the annual official start of the gayest weekend of the year at the Georgia Aquarium on Friday.    READ MORE »

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Hundreds strike Pride pose for Project Q [photos]

Condoms. Koozies. Magnets. And photos. You flooded our booth throughout Pride to grab our swag like it was sweet candy and pose for pics to show off like a Pride diva. Here are the results.    READ MORE »

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Amy Ray serenades Atlanta Pride [photos]

Just before sunset on Sunday in Piedmont Park, a huge crowd gathered, weary from the weekend but determined to keep going. Indigo Girl Amy Ray and her band knew just what they needed.    READ MORE »

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Atlanta Pride raises toast to its VIPs [photos]

Before the park revelry began on Saturday and even before the Georgia Aquarium kickoff got into full swing, Atlanta Pride welcomed sponsors, grand marshals and guests to its annual VIP reception.    READ MORE »

Out on Film growls to a festival close [photos]

Out on Film closed its eight-day, 25th anniversary festival with a growl on Thursday, thanks to a theater full of bears, cubs, director Doug Langway and actor Gerald McCullouch.    READ MORE »

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Cookoff bash makes Ria’s Bluebird sing [photos]

Despite the name, no pants were actually doffed at the annual Pants Off Dance Off anniversary party for the lesbian-owned eatery Ria’s Bluebird. It was better. Can you say rib cookoff?    READ MORE »

GLAAD fetes celebs at Atlanta gala [photos]

At its annual fundraising fandango, the Atlanta chapter of the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation celebrated some of its heroes in its ongoing role as LGBT media watchdog.    READ MORE »

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Atlanta Pride toasts its big gay festival [photos]

If softball players and swim jocks can do it, then why not the organizers of Atlanta’s big gay Pride festival? So they pulled out the kegs, shot glasses and Jell-O shots for a beer bust benefit on Saturday.    READ MORE »

Halcyon’s rockin’ return to MSR [photos]

East Atlanta’s lesbian bar gave a warm welcome back to the lesbian musical duo Halcyon on Saturday with a crowded house of rowdy fans of more than 20 years of the band’s signature songs.    READ MORE »

ManShaft turns Cockpit blue collar [photos]

ManShaft loves to tease us but when it comes time for another edition of the manly men party, this occasional event always delivers. Hey there, Blue Collar/Truck Stop Edition.    READ MORE »

Joining Hearts gives big: $250,000 [photos]

It might not have been as rowdy as its namesake pool party, but Sunday's Joining Hearts check presentation party is what the organization and a year of lead-up events were really all about.    READ MORE »

Bearracuda re-enters Heretic’s mancave [photo]

The gay nightlife veterans at Heretic know when they’ve got a good thing, and they keep it coming. Such is the case with Bearracuda Atlanta, which returned for hairy, beefy fun with DJ HiFi Sean.    READ MORE »

Frogs sees red for AIDS Walk Kiki [photos]

Never let a little rain get in the way of good beer for a good cause. And never, ever let weather keep you from a kiki. That was the mantra at Sunday’s Let’s Have A Kiki Beer Bust.    READ MORE »

Atlanta activist raises cash for gay film [photos]

Atlanta LGBT activist Cindy Abel, closing the gap between what she needs in cash and what she’s got in the bank to finish a film project, made progress Thursday with cocktails and personal appeals.    READ MORE »