Peter Aman has twice helped run the City of Atlanta. Now he wants the top job and as mayor said he would "support and protect" LGBT people and use the bully pulpit of the office to address HIV and transgender issues.

The former Chief Operating Officer during the first term of Mayor Kasim Reed comes from a family of public officials – both parents served in elected office. And that background helped set the stage for Aman to step out from the behind the scenes and make a public run for mayor.

"I have a very clear vision for where I think the city can go that I've developed over really the last 15 years of working with two administrations and talking to many citizens," Aman said on a new episode of Podcast Q. "And there's a lot that we can do in Atlanta. There's lot more we can do to make Atlanta both a growing and vibrant city and yet balance that was livability."

As mayor, Aman said he'd push the city to continue combatting discrimination and work to support LGBT business owners and entrepreneurs.

"There is still this ongoing discrimination and implicit bias in the City of Atlanta, whether it's race based or based on LGBTQ issues. And I think there are things that we can do both within the city government in terms of training our employees in the police department, fire department and other departments. And there are also things we can do citywide to improve the inclusion and tolerance of the citizens of the City of Atlanta," Aman said.

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On the new episode, Aman discussed how it's important for him to stand up for LGBT people and other minority groups that face discrimination, and how he wants City Hall to continue to be as inclusive as it is under the Reed administration.

"On the issue of trying to support and protect and be welcoming to people who are disadvantaged, whether that's a racially persecuted or whether it's persecuted because of their gender identity or identification or sexual preference, it is very important to me to stand up for and stand with people in those situations," Aman said.