Gay-owned pb&j gallery in Kirkwood opened its latest exhibit on Saturday, a show that includes the work of gay artists Alex Darling and Jack Simonetta.

Simonetta repurposed earlier collage work into the new Square Series, while Darling (top photo with partner Cianán Russell) displayed the compelling images of everyday life he captured in recent trips across the globe. The “Sojourn” exhibit also includes the work of Anne Bagby and Keith Rosemond.

The gallery describes Sojourn like this:

Sojourn is defined as dwelling for a time, tarrying as a traveler in a foreign land, living in a place as a temporary resident or as a stranger, not considering the place as a permanent habitation. All of which makes Sojourn a fitting title for pb&j gallery’s new show because it represents four artists’ journeys, some more literal than others, and is designed to transport gallery visitors to eye-opening vistas of amazement, reflection and, we hope, understanding.

The exhibit runs through May 18.