imageA portion of a parking deck in Midtown that serves a gym popular with gay fitness buffs collapsed Monday afternoon, reportedly crushing about three-dozen cars and crippling traffic around the site.

Centergy Parking garage, near the intersection of Spring and Fifth streets in Midtown, provides parking spaces for several businesses, including L.A. Fitness at 75 Fifth St. Police have closed roads in the area, clogging traffic in Midtown.

Atlanta Fire Department spokesman Bobby Stewart said the middle section of the fourth floor collapsed to the first floor, damaging numerous vehicles.

As of 2 p.m., firefighters have reported no injuries and found no one trapped inside. However, they are checking every vehicle in the six-story parking garage, he said. The overall structure is intact, as is the entrance to the deck where parking attendants work.

Firefighters are working to shore the structure to make sure it’s safe for the search and rescue teams, he said.

“It’s very heavy concrete. There are a lot of cars that are entangled and broken up,” Stewart said.

Photo: Kent D. Johnson, Atlanta Journal-Constitution